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I am the recent purchaser of a 1962 P-Class Catamaran. “Mahitabel” is a 28 ft long/ by 12′ Beam Designed by Bud Platten / R&D builder for Hobie Catamarans.
It is to my understanding that boat designers Platten, Eric Witte, Ron Holder were fighting for a 1-man design, I am inquiring to see if Mahitabel is just in fact the Hull #1 that resulted.
She is a fiberglass/ kevlar reinforced hull with steering 3′ forward of AMA’S. Foiled foam Dagger boards forward, and 300 sq ft of sail!
Mahitabel is currently under rebuild in an owner/ repair shop Finleys in Oceanside.
If you could provide any knowledge of this beautiful machine,
It will help give me strength in each sanding stroke!
Mark Pasquale

No info here, but will post and perhaps someone will reply.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (April 5, 2010)

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  1. mark pasquale Says:

    Mahitabel was launched and is now back in the water in Oceanside
    On my P-Class Post, April 5th 2010, I had indicated she is Hull #1, built in 1961 and is a Hobie.
    One race was mentioned in the archives about the UK having the fastest
    boat, and i’m inclined to think this catamaran was built to be the challenger?
    This would have been in the early 60’s, she is 28′ long and 12′ beam.
    Would this have fit the criteria for a P-Class Racer in Lil America’s Cup???
    Currently getting the rig re-worked and the folks at RigWorks SanDiego have
    never seen such craftsmanship, apparently aircraft quality parts were used in the
    mast head & spreaders.
    What a piece of history, now I just need to learn how to sail her properly.