Pilots in Alaska

you mentioned some time ago, that you encountered problems cruising in Alaska, as taking a pilot aboard was/is mandatory for non-US flagged yachts over 65ft loa.
This will become relevant for us – how did you get around that issue, or settle the problem?
Thank you!

Hi Wolf:

The system applies, as we  understand  it, to all non US flagged yachts over 65 feet / 20m. You need to get an exemption from carrying a pilot which cost us about $1300 for an 83 footer (price depends on size). They still wanted us to use a pilot in some areas, or pay for one if we were granted a further exemption.

My understanding is you need a ships agent to handle the paperwork, which adds another fee on top.

We love Alaska and its people, but these fees are outrageous and the pilot requirements unfounded for small yachts.

But if you want to cruise on a 20m or larger yacht, you have to get your exemption and pay at your first port of call.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 18, 2010)

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