Piracy Issues/Cruising with Kids

We are planning a circumnavigation with our 3 young children in the near future. We’ve read various accounts of pleasure boats encountering pirates around the world. Is there a place to find the listings of the worst areas, so we can try to avoid them, as much as possible? I know there will be some areas with problems that will be unavoidable during a complete circumnavigation, but I’d like to minimize that risk as much as possible. If it were just the two of us, that’s one thing, but to expose young children to that kind of terror concerns me very much. I’d really like to find out just how likely we are to encounter them. I probably sound paranoid, but figure the more info the better!


I was told there was a family of five (or 6?) currently doing a circumnavigation on their 60 foot sailboat, and that they were posting details of their voyage on your website (and that they welcomed correspondence). We are planning to do the same thing in just a couple years, with a Morgan 41. We have 3 young children also, so would be very interested in hearing about someone else traveling with young kids.

Thank you for your time!–Anne

Hi Anne: There are several government links on SetSail which will tell you what the various governments are saying–if they say something bad you know it must be awful! (You might also check our list of security links.)

There is always lots of data on the various cruiser “nets” and in the not to distant future we may have something in this vain at SetSail.com.

Re: cruising with kids, we have two cruising families contributing to the website: The Neris, who just finished sailing the West Indies with 2 kids, and the Martins, who have circumnavigated and are currently exploring Norway with 3 young children aboard. Regards–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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