Raytheon R40X Radar for World Cruising

I currently have a Raytheon R40X unit but it is an old unit (while very good) that is "dumb" and cannot talk to anything else. I can’t decide whether to replace it outright or add a 20 mile Foruno on a pole at the stern. I intend to world cruise the boat beginning in 18 months. Any thoughts? The boat is Gulfstar 50 Sailmaster that I have been updating for the voyage, and while she is older, she is a very beautiful heavy cruiser. Thanks again, Jim

Hi Jim: You will find the new Furuno radar vastly superior to the Raytheon 40X. This is especially true in the area of target definition in sea-clutter. I once had a 40X and was not very happy with my choice!

The Gulfstar Sailmaster is a very roomy boat, as you know. The penalty you pay for that room is performance, especially upwind. So I would be particularly careful not to get yourself into heavy weather situations where you have something shallow or hard under your lee. And of course be sure you have a good system for storm shutters on the house windows.

Beyond this, the usual survey of systems, structure, and rig should be done carefully. Keep in mind that this boat was never intended to do what you are planning. That doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Just that you need to take care and keep an eye on things. Regards–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 23, 2005)

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