Roller-Furling Headsail Halyard

Gentlemen: For years we have been setting our headsail on a roller furler and, once tightened to the desired deployment, have simply cleated the jib halyard off to remain at the same tightness until we changed the headsail. It has been suggested that the jib halyard should be loosened when the boat is not in use, to be tightened again when the jib is deployed. Are we doing any significant damage to the standing rigging, the roller furling gear or the luff of the jib/genoa by failing to release the halyard when the boat is not in use? Thank you. J.P. Anderson

Hi J.P.: Yes, it is better to slack the halyard when you furl the jib. We usually slack ours before we roll when we are done sailing for the day. This relieves strain on the sail cloth itself, as well as the halyard. Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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