Caribbean 1500: Crossing the Finish Line

Yesterday BEOWULF crossed the finish line, shaving five hours off her time from last year. Find out what Steve and Linda attribute this to.

cruising/racing with Beowulf

There’s nothing like that first swim in tropical water!

BEOWULF crossed the finish line yesterday afternoon at 1622 local time-five days, three hours, and 42 minutes after departing Hampton (five hours faster than last year).

Most of the passage was enjoyable, but the last four hours really capped it off. The breeze backed ten degrees which allowed us to sail a bit freer, and BEOWULF took off like a rocket. Carrying just working canvas plus her mizzen blade we were sitting on 14 to 15 knots on a consistent basis, with 18 to 29 knots of true wind. BEOWULF’s “diet”, deck seals on the main and mizzen, and her smooth bottom definitely have paid off.

And the crew? After the last 48 hours of constant sail trim and working squalls, we’re both exhausted. But a couple of nights of uninterrupted sleep will cure that.

We’ve cleared customs and sailed the ten miles from Spanish Town to North Sound. You might think we’re nuts having just finished the Caribbean 1500, but it is a lovely day, the air is balmy, and there’s a gentle tropical breeze. Waste this day and it can never be replaced.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 14, 2001)

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