Cruiser’s Thanksgiving

Before the fleet disperses, Steve and Linda join friends from 15 boats for an unforgettable Thanksgiving potluck.


With the Caribbean 1500 fleet getting ready to disperse we thought we would have a small “pot luck” Thanksgiving dinner with three boats with whom we’d become especially close.

Who would bring what was organized, and then we all decamped to the reef on the west side of North Sound for a bit of breeze and quiet.

2001 Caribbean 1500 participants.

Several additional boats came the next day and of course we wanted to include them. And then a bunch more arrived. It rapidly became obvious that our pot luck was growing exponentially.

By mid-day Thursday there were 15 boats in the anchorage. To provide more space we rafted Mary and Pete in their Amel 53 on the port side, and Rachel and Andrew on their Nautical 60 to starboard. They provided lots of extra deck space, and were the early center of attention with drinks and hors-d’oeuvres. Action then shifted to BEOWULF where the main saloon table, galley counter, and 11-foot-long nav desk were covered with the main courses and desert. There was a wide selection of food available, from traditional to exotic, and the desserts…well, they even included freshly whipped cream. Nobody went hungry!

By 2200 the boats were clean and the 50-some guests had staggered home. The anchorage was pretty quiet Friday morning! Just another day in the cruising life…

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 23, 2001)

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