Time for a Change…Farewell to Beowulf?

Farewell to Beowulf?


Over the years we’ve owned a lot of boats – something like 14 at last count. In each case the desire to improve the cruising lifestyle and find out where the frontier lay drove us to the next project. Then came our current BEOWULF.

When originally built she was to be our last boat, the one we’d keep until we could no longer sail and were ready for the rocking chair. Unlike her antecedents, there was no “next boat” list outlining what we’d do differently in a new design. Beowulf was our “ultimate” cruising machine. After many miles of cruising there is still nothing we’d change about her for long term cruising. We love the way she sails, her sweet motion at sea, and her ease of maintenance. And we know there will never be another interior like the one Kelly Archer and his grew of artists crafted for us.

But as much as we hate to admit it, and as hard as we’ve tried to do otherwise, the time has come for a change. We find ourselves wanting to spend more time with family, and less time away on long trips. Beowulf has become a Southern California day-sailor, and while we enjoy her company immensely, even just sailing to Catalina, the fact we are not using her for cruising, in the manner for which she was originally designed, is a huge frustration. So reluctantly, we are going to put her up for sale (details are on the Dashew Offshore part of SetSail). Of course when it finally sinks in that we are really doing this, we just might change our minds and decide to go cruising for a while.

What’s next? We’ve been asking ourselves this question since we decided in May to sail back to California. We’ve got cruising friends around the world with whom we can sail, and there’s DEERFOOT ll available to us for local sailing. For the next couple of years we’ll probably get our serious cruising buzz vicariously, by reading what others are doing on SetSail. After that….

Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 9, 2002)

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