Seagoing Web Access

Linda & Steve, In your recent article on the new passage planning software (I hope to see more on this later) you made a comment regarding downloading weather forecast data during your passage. What method do you use to access internet at sea?? Regards, Mark

Hi Mark: We used a Globalstar phone last spring and it was great. Fast connection times and we were able to download .grb files, with the 4.5 day weather forecasts in a two minute session. Globalstar coverage is somewhat limited, but they do cover most of Mexico and the Caribbean. We’ve got both a Globalstar and Iridium phone to test in November, and results will be up on SetSail. For more data on Iridium check out the reports by Brian Savage and Colleen Ryan. Regards–Steve Dashew

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Posted by Steve Dashew  (September 3, 2001)

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