Shackle Replacement

Spectra Lashing

In the olden days, before turnbuckles and shackles, all sailing vessels were rigged with line. Now, with high-modulus fibers, we’re making our way back to the old approach. Today, many racing boats use multiple wraps of spectra or vectran line to make the same connection that used to be made with a stainless steel shackle.

This approach is lighter, simple to execute, and allows you to have just the right amount of lashings so that you can adjust the load-carrying ability of the rope-to keep from overloading a given system.

We’re using this approach to attach sheets to booms, for the connection of vangs, turning blocks, and in a host of other areas. Spectra and Vectran lashing line is available from many chandleries and from most sailmakers and riggers.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 8, 2001)

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