Singlehanding a Catamaran

Do you have a good book on singlehanding? Singlehanding a catamaran? I have my bareboat certificate, recognize that there is much I must learn before undertaking a long solo cruise, am inclined to get a cat. And go from Med across Atlantic, through Panama Canal, up Mexico coast, anchor somewhere for some months. Please advise. Thank you, Jeff P

Hi Jeff: Singlehanding is a controversial subject, as it is impossible for a singlehander to stand proper watches. That said, unless you have a very large multihull, one which has enough size to resist capsize, I would suggest a monohull, which will be faster than any cruising cat, and give you far more factor of safety in heavy weather.

None of our books address singlehanding on its own, but all of their information applies as much to singlehanding as to cruising with a partner or crew. Good Luck with your plans–Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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