Dear Steve, I am thinking of installing the Interphase forward-scanning sonar on the steel 55′ sail boat that I am building. It would seem that every sail or power boat should have one of these in order to be able to see what lies ahead and to be able to avoid any obstacle. But so far I was not able to find anybody that has had any experience with it. So I am writing to you with a hope that in your research of the new electronics for your FPB you may have looked at Interphase sounders, or you may have heard from someone that used it. Would you please share your thoughts regarding this gear? – Remek

Hi Remek: We looked hard at sonar in general and the Interphase unit. They all seem to have some validity in smooth water. However, it remains doubtful how well they do with objects on the surface when there are waves around. We decided against sonar because we were feeling overloaded with electronics, and you have to draw the line somewhere! However, if you fit one we’d love to hear from you about how it works out. -Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 4, 2004)

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