Sundeer 56/67 Availability

Dear Steve & Linda, I have read both your books several times. How can anyone read the same stuff over and over? I can, if it is as interesting and informative as your books. (Especially the Encyclopedia). I just sold my O’Day 40 and I am preparing to sell my business. After the business is sold, I want to buy the last boat that I will own. ( I am 57 years old, & I want to do some serious cruising) I love the Sundeer 67, but I do not know if I will be able to afford it. Are you still building boats? If so, can you give me a ballpark price of both the Sundeer 56 & 67(built in aluminum). If it is not in the realm of my ability, then I will go in a different direction. If you are not building anymore, can I purchase the plans? Thank you. Tony

Hi Tony: Thanks for the compliments. To answer your questions, first, we are still doing boats, but at a much reduced pace, so we can get in a bit of cruising. If we don’t go to sea now and then, we forget how to make proper design tradeoffs!

Second, we’ve always avoided selling our plans. Our preference is to control the entire project so everyone is guaranteed the correct outcome.

As to costs on a custom alu. 57 or 67 type design, this varies widely with exchange rates, final specification, etc., but a rough guess would be around $1,700,000 for the 57 and maybe $2,500,000 for the 67. Regards–Steve Dashew

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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