Teak Deck


Are there ways to fix teak to an aluminium deck which do not involve penetrative fastenings?

Can teak be glued to an aluminium deck with no other fastening required?

What would be the minimum teak thickness you would recommend?



Hi Henry:

Re teak decks, they are a dead loss in terms of weight, center of gravity, and maintenance, and we have no experience with them. However, most modern teak decks are glued in place. Of course you have to be extremely careful to insure a 100% seal so no moisture can find its way between aluminum and adhesive or you will eventually have a corrosion problem.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 18, 2010)

3 Responses to “Teak Deck”

  1. Gunther E. Hering Says:

    if you must have teak, consider “Flexiteak” as an alternative.
    It is a man-made material, light weight, does not gray, can be glued like wood, and looks good. Otherwise use “Treadmaster” if you do not want to walk on aluminum.

  2. Henry Rech Says:


    I was wondering how corrosion would occur if there was fresh water/salt water ingress?

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Not sure how corrosion occurs but corrosion between inadequate paint films and aluminum substrate are common problems. So you need a good seal under your teak.