UHMW Chafe Panels on Jib

Hi Steve, I note in your latest book thay you suggest using 2 mm UHMW for chafe patches. I have a Kelly Peterson 46 and am having my sacrificial jib panel replaced. I want to redo the spreader chafe patches as well but my sail maker doesn’t know where to get the UHMW material. He is game to try this, but thought if he can’t find it, maybe heavy (40 mil) dodger window material would work well. Any thoughts where to get the UHMW or does the dodger window material sound good? Thanks, Carl

Hi Carl: Re: the source for UHMW–click here for another Q & A covering that. Re: using it for the jib–not sure it is a good bet here due to the stiffness and weight. My choice would be dacron. But for anything to do with the main or mizzen, it is the best. Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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