Using ATN Spinnaker Sleeves

What is the best way to rig the control lines on an ATN spinnaker sleeve?–Robert.

Hi Robert: The ATN spinnaker socks are marvelous devices–we’ve used them now for 12 years and love them! Re the control line, we’ve found it best to put a ratchet block, like are used for dingy or cat main sheet controls, onto the control line. Then use a snap shackle on the head of the block.Attach this block to leeward, and then you can use the strengh of your legs to pull the sock down when it is breezy. Regards–Steve (SetSail note: see additional info on this FAQ below.) From: Robert To: Etienne Giroire Re: Spinnaker Sleeve I have two of your sleeves but I’ve never tried leading the two-way line through a block as you suggest. I checked my copy of Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia but could not find Dashew’s discussion of how and where to rig the block on the foredeck. Your flyer that came with my sleeves simply says to “…lead it through a snatchblock…directly below the spinnaker…” I can’t visualize what you mean by directly under the spinnaker. I have volume 2 of Dashew’s book and I read his notes on the ATN but saw nothing concerning the rigging of the two-way line. Thanks.

From: Etienne Giroire To: Robert Hello, thank you for your Email. You are right, I have consulted my copy of Steve Dashew’s Encyclopedia, and the quote about using a block to keep the ATN control line inboard is not in there! Sorry about that, I now think that he mentions it in one of his numerous articles about spinnaker handling: as a matter of a fact, he recommands a ratchet block, but there is no ratchet snatch block in the market… The idea is to lead the closed loop through a block on the lee side of boat, where you will be dousing the spinnaker: this will allow you to sit down to douse the spinnaker, while pulling against the block, instead of standing up, losing your equilibrium, and preventing the line escaping your grip, in case of sudden refilling of the spinnaker pushing the spinnaker sleeve back up… I have a video showing this at the boat shows, maybe we can connect there… Best regards, Etienne Giroire

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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