Which alternator do you use?

I am interested which alternators you are using on you boats. I have read about 2 pcs. Electrodyne 150A/24V. Gut on the website of Electrodyne they also say to have 250A/24V pieces. Would that be an option as well?
Are you not heating the batterie’s to much while loading the them that fast? How many Amp/hrs are they in your boat?

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1-The alternators are controlled by a regulator so they do not overcharge.

2-We use the 24 volt 150 amp model with a remote rectifier assembly.

3-Wind Horse has 1600 amp hours at 24 V. The FPB 64 has 1200 amp hours of capacity (both based on a 20 AH discharge rate).

Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 22, 2009)

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