Wicked FPB 97 Tops Out

20130726 017

This is a wickedly cool series of photos, one which has given us a decided buzz.

20130726 023

Astute observers will no doubt notice that a large structure has been lifted into the air.

20130726 029

This is like a reality TV show, where a designer’s dreams come true.

20130726 067

The roof is on the great room, and FPB 97-1 is indeed starting to have that wicked look we’ve been seeing in the renderings.

20130726 053

With the great room space now defined, there is a sense of the space contained within this Wicked FPB 97 structure. Just imagine what this is going to be like when she is sitting at anchor,

20130726 068

looking back from the dinghy, or even better, heading offshore from Whangarei, New Zealand, with an ebbing tide and onshore gale, slicing through the stacked waves like they weren’t there.

We have more to share, but right now we just want to absorb this.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (July 25, 2013)

8 Responses to “Wicked FPB 97 Tops Out”

  1. Dave Says:

    There is a detail that surprised me in the great room interior picture. Compare to this picture from FPB 64-1:
    Your description of that picture was:
    “Which brings us to the house mullions. These potentially carry huge loads in a knockdown. The mullions are heavy-walled 4-inch (100mm) extrusions, which begin to tie to the structure of the hull at the top of the coamings. The mullions run down through the coaming, as you can see here, connecting to the deck and to the upper topside stringer. This forms an enormously strong bond beam.”

    It appears that in FPB 97-1, the mullions end at the top of the coaming, rather than running down to the deck. What is the engineering thinking behind the changed approach?

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Astute observation, Dave:
    What is showing is only a part of the final construction. There are gusset plates and a 12mm closing plate across the back edge. All of which allows access for welding under the top flange. There is also a chase through this area for wiring.

  3. Ward Says:

    How long before she gets rolled out of the shed to put the top on the matrix deck?

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    Don’t have the schedule on 97-1 handy, but about 10/11 months seems about right for the roll out.

  5. Sid Fisher Says:

    As a long term liveaboard the outlook from your great room will be superb yet I am intrigued as to how you will on occasion achieve privacy with all that glass. Perhaps glass that turns opaque at the flick of a switch?

  6. Steve Dashew Says:

    There are large cavities at the top of the glass between the mullions, into which a variety of window coverings will fit. With the outboard angle the window coverings will lie quietly against the glass, providing a layer of insulation and privacy.

  7. Cedric Rhoads Says:

    Out-Freaking-Standing! Truly impressive and huge kudos to the entire team. As always, thanks so much for the extraordinary amount of information you share with the public. We all gain a great deal of knowledge from your efforts, so, thank you!

    Steve, as Wicked finishes construction, will she be publicly demonstrated at any shows, or simply move into private service immediately?

  8. Steve Dashew Says:

    The Wicked FPB 97 has a private owner and it is doubtful she will ever be shown publicly.