Windvane for Swan 40

I have bought Prologue, an original 1970 classic Sp&Spears Swan 40. I am going to sail her to Falmouth England…and then onto West Coast Scotland, Transat from Oxford Maryland. I need a suitable windvane and must, on grounds of cost, try to find one used. Have you any suggestions as to buying one? Keith F

Hi Keith: I would look for an Aires servo pendulum vane. Great unit, lots of them made. They steer like a champ. As to where to find one, that is a bit tougher. I would start with a "Google" web search for "Aries Wind Vane" or maybe "Nick Franklin" who used to build them. Monitor makes a modern version of the Aries in stainless, but they are going to be more costly and are no more functional.

I know they turn up from time to time as my daughter found one some years ago on a boat in Mexico and added it to her boat. Good Luck – Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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