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It Is America’s Cup Season and Time To Ogle

NZ 72 foiling Auckland

Your SetSail team will be reporting next week from Down Under. If we find ourselves with spare time we’ll see if we can get a look at the 72s trialing on Auckland harbor. This America’s Cup promises to be the most interesting ever. Unbelievable speeds, intense competition, and wonderful technology. Even if you preferred the lead mines of old, you will be amazed at the performance spectacle that is unfolding.

Here is an excellent video to bring you up to speed: YoutubeLink

Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 9, 2013)

3 Responses to “It Is America’s Cup Season and Time To Ogle”

  1. Iron Lady Says:
    Hi Steve During our circumnavigation of NZ last year we spent some time at the Viaduct Marina in Auckland – home of the smaller versions of the 72′s that the crews were training on. We watched the two NZ boats almost daily as they went out to play in the harbor. VERY impressive and VERY fast – can’t imagine what the big guys will be like. Will try to remember to send of some pics that I have as they were heading our. Best


  2. Kevin Costello Says:
    Love that you posted this… I live in Massachusetts and had the pleasure to watch them in Newport, RI. The 45′s are amazing , although I miss the mono’s, the 72′s should really make the spectator experience better. Steve… any knowledge with the wing sails they are running? They are HUGE!


    Steve Dashew Reply:

    We get tidbits of information, like folks are experimenting with leading edge slots (Fowler flaps) for increased lift downwind. But most of the data is secret, as you would expect.


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