A Pirate’s Paradise


Our first visit to Panama was in the same era that the North Koreans first decided they wanted to reunite with their southern neighbors. In those days, our heads were filled with visions of one English gentleman, Mr. Henry Morgan, who exhibited a love for all things Spanish and visited the area twice as a result.

So when we were doing a little touring here this week, we could not but wonder what old Henry would have thought had he parted the jungle and seen before him this village in the distance.


If he grew tired of the jungle he might have hitched a ride on a passing galleon, in which case the waterfront view would have been somewhat startling.


He probably would have made better time astride a mule than you would today in a taxi.


The traffic is that bad, we kid you not.


There is an enchanting nature preserve adjacent Panama City…


…With a variety of flora and fauna.


Our favorite area is old town, now being turned from ruins into desirable real estate.


Coincidentally, it reminded us of Spain and Portugal.

DSC2367 Edit

A church that drew Mr. Morgan’s attention had its own little miracle inside.

DSC2356 Edit

An angel to be sure.

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There is even a newly opened quaint bed and breakfast.


At the end of this arduous day we stopped at a sleepy little cafe for a coffee, before sitting for two hours in our trusty taxi on the five mile journey back to the waterfront.

We transit the Canal on Monday.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 20, 2016)

5 Responses to “A Pirate’s Paradise”

  1. Pam Wall Says:

    all just wonderful and beautiful and amazing!!! Thank you for the fabulous photos!!!

  2. Arch Says:

    Last went through in 1969. A lot of changes. Thanks for posting the pics.

  3. Steve B Says:

    I hope the taxi meter charged by distance rather than time!

  4. Evan Gatehouse Says:

    Steve & Linda,

    Thanks for the boat tour. Watch out for the small hurricane forming off Costa Rica – though you might get a good ride north on the back side if you are in a hurry. Happy transitting.

  5. Steve Dashew Says:

    Thanks Evan:
    We are berthed on the Atlantic side and waiting until this moves west.