A Wicked FPB 97 Exterior Update

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 121

We’ve been so busy on the details end of FPB 97-1 – a ¬†project like this has a tendency to take all your bandwidth – that we have been remiss in keeping SetSailors up to date on the design. Better late than never, here are some updated renderings of the exterior of this Wicked FPB.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 120

You will notice that these take place at different elevations, and in a variety of lighting. From our own perspective, and that of our clients, we want to evaluate design issues from all angles. Rather than select the very best, we are showing you a range. Most of these will be at dinghy level, how you actually view the boat in the real world. There are optimal angle and lighting represented along with less than perfect conditions.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 119

We are still sorting through details, fine tuning the design, but we are very close now to the end of this cycle.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 118

Those of you who have kept up with our solar energy tests aboard Wind Horse will know the efficacy of this approach. Where the solar array consisting of four panels on our FPB 83 has averaged in the seven kilowatt hour per day range in Maine this past summer, you can imaging what the 20 panels on the FPB 97 will produce. Not as much per panel as there is more shading on the FPB 97, but still, a lot of power.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 111

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 110

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 108

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 107

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 105

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 124

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 127

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 150

Finally, our favorite view, sunset. Imagine what this would feel like, relaxing at the Matrix deck level, drinking in the last of the day. If you are in the tropics, the sunset will be quick, but there is a good chance you will have trade wind clouds reflected on the sea, while the breeze caresses you through open windows. In higher latitudes the sunset will linger, for hours as you approach the Arctic Circle. The spectacular scenery, maybe garlanded with icebergs, will take your breath away.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 159

We are chomping at the bit to feel this Wicked FPB under our feet.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 8, 2012)

5 Responses to “A Wicked FPB 97 Exterior Update”

  1. David Guest Says:

    I love the picture of the bow…she looks like a sea monster waiting to pounce on an oncoming wave….

  2. SARAH SARAH Says:

    I’m sooo looking forward to looking over this magnificent watervehicle. As much as I lust over her, I am very very fortunate to own what is now the most original of the original FPB 64s. The feeling of complete confidence and comfort one feels cruising these Dashew designs is unmatched by anything else avaiable anywhere.

    Thank you Steve, Bruce, Todd and the rest of the FPB crew!

  3. Martin Jan Visser Says:

    looks like the upper deck ( matrix deck) is now completely closed with windows, are these removeable ?
    thanks for the nice pics, MJ

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    The Matrix deck is enclosed with the same clear view window system as we have prototyped on Wind Horse. These can be removed for storage, and open inward with a fabric hinge at the top for ventilation.

  5. Michael Jay Says:

    Apart from a few exceptions, I have to confess that I’m not a great fan of motoryachts. Thinking of a yacht I basically think of a sail yacht.

    But the FPB concept could change my point of view, even more so since I took notice of the FPB 97.

    Looking at those renderings and deckplans I understand that this is probably the answer to the question how a contemporary oceangoing motoryacht should be – efficent, safe, economical, comfortable and as ‘green’ as possible.

    The prototype FPB 83 and the FPB 64 are aleady impressive in these terms and in comparison with other so called passagemakers they ruthlessly reveal the deficits of their competition. And now the FPB 97 shall bring the idea of the fast ocean crossing power boat to full fruition.

    This is definitely a ship to build a dream on.