A Wickedly Cool FPB 97 Great Room

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 160

We thought it was time to devote some computing energy towards showing you the latest on the Wicked FPB 97 Great Room.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 161

These renderings only hint at the feeling of space that this Great Room will engender. When you walk in through the main door, and take in the unobstructed view towards the bow, you will know this is something special.

FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 165


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 162


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 166


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 168


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 172


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 171


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 170


FPB 97 Update Oct 2012 164


Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 2, 2012)

15 Responses to “A Wickedly Cool FPB 97 Great Room”

  1. SARAH SARAH Says:

    Two thoughts

    1. Curved settees look very sexy in the renderings, but we’ve found them to be uncomfortable when wanting to lean ones back against the cushion when it is not at right angles to ones body if one has ones legs upon the sette, but that’s just this ones opinion!

    2. If perchance one where to drop something off the top of a high cabinet in the galley, between back side of the cabinet and the port light, how would one retrieve it?


  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Bill:
    Curved seat backs are a debatable feature. Some folks like them, some don’t. We’ll be happy to make straighter ones for you and Sue. The area outboard of the fridge box aft end of the galley will have a closure plate at t he top. But it will be open from the front, and lit at night (it will look very cool). If you did lose something, it could be fished out by sitting on the counter and reaching, or if too far, hooking.

  3. Rob Says:

    There seem to be heavy weather grab rails in only some of the renderings, I may have missed previous mention of these but are they an option? or are they removable for anticipated fine weather or for coastal cruising?

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    There are removable rails in the great room cabin sole to break up the floor space when at sea. These show in some of the images.

  5. Michael Seng Says:

    Steve, Hollow square section outside and aft of the galley? Locker? Cliche: Mother-in-law suite?

  6. Steve Dashew Says:

    The area aft of the galley on the port side is the day head, accessible from the outside.

  7. Richard Says:

    Steve – Beautiful and a pleasure to continue to be able to watch the evolution of the 97.

    A question about the location of the pop-up TV. The helm station is, of course, not light-isolated from the rest of the great room. I’m wondering about having that large TV at the helmsman’s left shoulder during night running operations.

    There will likely be many instances when passengers/guests/off watch crew would want to watch movies underway at night. Aside from blocking one segment of the helmsman’s arc of visibility (and an important arc segment at that), the bright light and constant motion on the screen would seem to be likely to interfere with good watchstanding.

    Curious about your thoughts.



  8. Steve Dashew Says:

    If you have a conflict between the TV an d lower help, then the watch stander moves to the Matrix deck.

  9. Michael Says:

    …or the TV addict.

  10. Jeff Welch Says:

    Having just stumbled across a web article on Steve Jobs yacht Venus, I could not help but notice the similarity of the above deck design to the FBP 97.

    Great minds think alike??


    Jeff Welch

  11. Jeff Welch Says:

    Having just stumbled across a web article on Steve Jobs yacht Venus, I could not help but notice the similarity of the above deck design to the FBP 97.

    Great minds think alike??

  12. Geoff Ludlow Says:

    Presumably any window with a cabinet behind it will be treated with a one way coating so that you are not looking at the back of a cabinet from outside. Therefore wouldn’t it be better to build all the cabinets around the window frames and flush into the glass in order to give a lot more space and/or storage and eliminate any gaps for items to fall into?

  13. Steve Dashew Says:

    Interesting point Geoff, and one that has been debated in some detail. In the end, we have sufficient storage space and we feel the gap will be very attractive.

  14. Nic M Says:

    Steve, About Jobs’ 70-80 meter yacht, Venus, I can’t seem to find much specs on her, however I am interested to know what you think about the design, just from the picts, unless you have other sources 😉 http://www.afr.com/p/technology/gallery_steve_jobs_superyacht_LAu7VIaj5Pzj7ukb4zj8vI

    BTW, I like how the FPB 97 is coming along!

  15. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Nic:
    Have not yet had time to look. In a couple of weeks…