Advantages of British Weather


We’ve been thinking about the advantages of British weather. For one thing, folks from the Pacific Northwest of the US feel right at home. Then there is the British penchant for high end foul weather gear which supports a plethora of suppliers and pays for R and D which benefits the rest of us.

History buffs may recall that the island geography and industrial revolution are credited with the push to create the British Empire. But we have a different theory.

You will note that the territories of the Empire all had better weather than the home country.


Of course there are occasional rainbows to liven things up and herald a momentary ray of sunshine.


And the advantage of never having to go to the dock to fill the water tanks if you are set up to catch water off your deck.

But the biggest advantage may just be how good it feels to get on your boat and go somewhere warm and dry.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (September 4, 2009)

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