Aft Cockpit Designs

Steve…Your recommendation to look at CAL 48 and CAL 46-2 was received. You stated though that you prefer aft cockpit. This does make sense. Some aft cockpit designs are better then others. Could you make recommendations for an aft cockpit design that I should be looking at in a used boat that has a long waterline as well as seaworthy? All your help is much appreciated in my quest for a used blue water boat. Corey

Hi Corey: I have not kept up with what is available these days. There are so many options which of course is the problem. My recommendation is to take your time, look at lots of boats, and after a while you will start to get a feel for the best price/performance package for your needs. Sorry I can’t be more specific… Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 30, 1999)

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