Born To Run: FPB 78-1 in Boat International


The July 2017 issue of Boat International magazine features a nine page article on FPB 78-1 Cochise

…”The long, lean hull of the Dashew Offshore FPBs, their workboat appearance and big rudders are some of the features that set them apart from nearly all other motor yachts. Front and centre, though, is the matter of stability.”


…”They left Fiji on 8 October, 2016, stopped in Raiatea in the Society Islands for a few days and topped up their fuel tanks, then headed for Panama. The 4,700 nautical miles against the trade winds…was done at an average speed of 10 knots, burning nine-tenths of a gallon an hour, leaving more than enough fuel to reach their next destination.”

To read the whole piece, covering everything from design parameters to engineering, interior finishes, and how all those miles slip so easily under the FPB’s hull, pick up a copy of Boat International or visit their site:

Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (June 27, 2017)

8 Responses to “Born To Run: FPB 78-1 in Boat International”

  1. Michael Seng Says:

    Woot! Woot! Oh Yeeaaah! (in my best “Kool-Aid Pitcher breaking through a wall” commercial’s voice) 🙂
    Hope all is well!

  2. Gene Says:

    “was done at an average speed of 10 knots, burning nine-tenths of a gallon an hour”. Typo?

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Yes, Gene, should be .9 gallon per NM.

  4. Juergen Says:

    Hey Steve hope the Knees on the mend.. Now don’t do that again…

    I have to seriously wonder @ what some yacht designer have going thru their mind’s.. I have been doing some serious reading of Every article that has been posted here and the fact that your boat designs are sleek and simplistic in their lines, must really be off-putting to so many people..

    I personal love the clean line’s of the look, the luxury comes in how they are fitted out.. I’d love to see a comparison of a similar size vessel to any of your designs and then compare the running figures.. From every bit of reading the handling of the boats is far Superior than most vessels..

    Keep up the work and hopefully at some stage someones going to take up the challenge of the FPB 130 and be the first in it’s class..

  5. Steve Says:

    Absolutely fantastic fuel burn ” burning nine-tenths of a gallon an hour” probably should have been .9 gal per mile.

  6. Steve Dashew Says:

    Yes, Steve, it is .9 of a US gallon per nautical mile.

  7. Louis Says:

    Is that 9/10 GPH @10kts accurate? If I do my math right I get 5000gal / .9 GPH = ~5555 hrs * 10 kts = ~55555 nm range. Could it be .9 G/nm or similar? That would be a ~5500 nm range with 5000gal. Even the second number is impressive given the usual measurement for a similar displacement is 3-5 gal/nm. Hope the knee is better soon Steve.

  8. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Louis:
    Yes, the .9 US gallon per NM is the right number for French Polynesia to Panama. This is also an upwind and adverse current figure. Smooth water, no wind or current, would be 10/15% better. Downwind in the trades would be better yet.