Circa Update On All Things FPB: Posted by Deon Ogden


It’s the start of summer here, with construction in full swing. The South Pacific-visiting FPB Family is also back en route to NZ for safe haven during cyclone season…

…to enjoy summer down here, and get some incidentals seen to.

The team here are all looking forward to their Christmas break. It will be well-earned, as the team has put a lot of effort into this year: with the successful launch of Cochise (FPB 78-01), launch of Dreamtime (FPB 64-11), and also the refit/passage prep work on FPB 97-01 Iceberg, along with repair/refit work on Deerfoot 62 Moonshadow, and assisting FPB family members as required. 


FPB 78-01 was a great project that facilitated an even closer working relationship with Steve, providing some great insight into the reasons and logics that drive design decisions. Working on FPB 78-01 has deeply influenced our thought processes and flow on decision making. Being able to tap into and work with Steve’s insight, which can only come from many years of cruising and yacht design, is invaluable, facilitating Circa’s ability to provide FPBs that just keep getting better.

This is now a busy time for the yard, with FPB 78-02 nearing completion, engine room getting towards the final stages…


…Wiring being finished…


Electronic Navigation and Control systems being installed…


…Surface finishes happening.


Not long now before she will start to look like a complete vessel.


On the weekend, FPB 78-02 will change locations within our shed to allow the install of the Bimini top. With the space vacated by 78-02 we can then make a start on FPB 70-2. Our little shed is about to look pretty full.


FPB 78-3 is also well underway, and FPB 70-1 is also taking shape, with much of the interior design getting nailed down, so we can get started on cabinetry. US purchasing of goods is underway, and we will likely see the 1st container arriving in Whangarei around Feb/March.

All in all a very productive year! -Deon

Posted by admin  (November 17, 2016)

5 Responses to “Circa Update On All Things FPB: Posted by Deon Ogden”

  1. Bill Parlatore Says:

    Great to see such progress on my favorite passagemaker concept. Circa is really doing impressive work. Congratulations!

  2. Joel N Says:

    Great feedback and great work!! The FPB lineup is my favorite overall, as my future choice for extended cruising. I’m curious, based on previous and current builds, would it be safe to say that a new 78-0x request would be roughly a 24 month “concept to completion” timeline, based on the fact you now have working examples to review and build upon?

    Thanks! Joel

  3. scotto Says:

    Great work, a successful and busy shop, lots of jobs and skill development.

    Steve, just wondering if a link to the build of Windhorse is available.

    I’ve been hooked on this site since first seeing the hull take form.
    And enjoyed your reasoning and design philosophy being explained.
    I still often refer to that build when talking with boatie friends.
    So, if possible, I would love to revisit the Build of Windhorse.
    Which, from memory was at Kelly Archers shed?


    again Congratulations to the whole team on a great series of builds and smooth sailing on Cochise.
    Thanks for keeping us all updated.


  4. admin Says:

    Hi Scotto,
    At the moment we don’t have any detailed posts with imagery on the Wind Horse build, but a quick search of Wind Horse in the search bar, or the FPB 83 post category will yield a whole lot of detailed posts on structure, design, etc etc. Hope this helps.

  5. Howard Says:

    I’m looking forward to more details and pictures on the 70s.