Fanning The Wicked Flames



Fanning Atoll is one of those magical places rarely visited by cruising yachts. The lagoon is beautiful, the islanders friendly, and if you happen to be transiting the Pacific to the north during hurricane season, it is the perfect place to wait until you have a clear run up to Hawaii.

Fanning lies close enough to the equator to be out of the hurricane belt. What you are waiting for is a period of clear weather to the east, allowing the passage to Hawaii without worrying about a hurricane chasing you.

The weather window required is a function of the boat speed you are 100% certain you can average. At 11.7 knots, you need just three and a half days. You’ll find two or three times as many windows at this speed as opposed to at eight knots and five days.

The window for the Wicked FPB opens this weekend. Stay tuned.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 10, 2012)

4 Responses to “Fanning The Wicked Flames”

  1. David Guest Says:

    Mission Control

  2. Vincent Cate Says:

    Just not sure why anyone would be in a hurry to leave that spot. 🙂

  3. John Ginn Says:

    Stopped there on a Holland American cruise to Tahiti. Very interesting and people were most gracious. They are extremely poor and have almost no means to establish any economy. Suggest you either make a good monetary or charitable gift to help them subsist.

  4. Alain M Says:

    We maybe should wait the next one!!! Where is a reason to hurry, don’t see any here!!!