The Deck Yet To Be Named Layout Is Officially Finished


In celebration of a final layout for the deck yet to be named, we offer the rendering above with a challenge.


Can anyone tell us where this is?  One of the two radar screens matches the sea ahead. That is a hint.


Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 10, 2012)

20 Responses to “The Deck Yet To Be Named Layout Is Officially Finished”

  1. Ken Sylvester Sr. Says:


  2. Dave Says:

    Give us a hard one, Steve!


    The pictures you posted that summer never failed to awe.

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    That is correct, Dave:

  4. Paul Cote Says:


  5. Marcus Says:

    The chart plotter and one radar appear to be Baranof Island, Alaska

  6. Scott Evangelista Says:


    Do you think the solar reliance will be challenging for hi latitude crusing? Have spent a fair amount of time in BC and AK, is is fair to say that while beautiful, it is not always clear. Or perhaps, given temperature and lack of need for AC, the small generator is sufficient.

    Just curious

    You are also getting dangerously close to “yacht” and away from work boat 🙂

  7. Steve Dashew Says:

    The cooler and/or more overcast the climate the lower the current usage and the more efficient the solars, albeit with less sunlight. There will be a genset of sufficient capacity to handle the boat in hot climates, with air con to match.The important point is that we are not going to need the air conditioning or genset nearly as much as with the old school way of doing things. But if you happen to be anchored in the Bahamas in July, the breeze shuts off, and the bugs come to play, then turn on the genset, run the air.

  8. stuart Says:

    names for the deck
    Patio deck or The Patio
    Porch deck or The Porch
    3 seasons deck or 4 seasons deck

    Thanks for looking

  9. James Masters Says:

    80 00.202’N — 10 17.839’E
    CSE 350 — SPD 5. 6kt (per the pic tagged “80-degrees-north-40.jpg”)

    The “2nd from the left”-radar’s pic (tagged “80-degrees-north-29-1.jpg”)

    Near Ny Alesund, Svalsbard, on/near your 42nd-Anniversary (one of many memorable-ones, yes?)

    Congrats for both achievements — and for what appears to be an equally magnificent layout for the formerly-called Pilot Deck !!!

  10. Steve Dashew Says:

    You got it, John:

  11. Nico Kappen Says:

    I would say it is Nuuk in Greenland and I would say you work to long or get up to early;)
    Kind regards

  12. Brad Says:

    Looks like the entry to Disco Bay on the West Coast of Greenland.

  13. Sebastian Says:

    Disko Bay?

  14. David Guest Says:




  15. Keith C. Says:

    It might turn out beneficial to carry the height of the backrest across the entire front section of “the deck yet to be named”, to ensure no glare to the helm from the solar panels on the housetop?

  16. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Kieth:
    The subject of solar panel reflection at low sun angles is the subject of much discussion,, simulation, and testing. There are several factors in our favor. The 5.5 degree slope downward of the Great Room roof helps. The seat backs as well. And, we always have the option of using hinged or removable sun shields in darkened, but translucent, plastic behind the seats.

  17. Ward Says:

    Are you going to go with electronic engine dials on the Conning Tower? And/or at the helm in the great room?

  18. Steve Dashew Says:

    There will be engine and more data at both Great Room and the con above.

  19. RDE Says:

    Looks to me like that is the view from the Worldview Deck.

  20. JLF Says:

    Looks like a Veranda to me.