FPB 64 Iron Lady – Second Day of Trials


The second day of sea trials for Iron Lady has come and gone with unfortunately calm conditions. However, this is a chance to get deep water data and  put some hours on the systems. She us running in these photos at 10.4 knots, turning 2000 RPM, with a pleasingly clean wake. There are a series of photos following, perhaps providing a degree of solace for Steeler fans.


This photo was taken looking from the swim platform level.


The Circa engineering crew along with Bruce Farrand (standing), all of whom are feeling rightfully pleased with the third FPB 64.


A quick look at the flying bridge helm. We will have better photos when sea trials are completed and the boat is ready to turn over to her owners.


An onboard photo of the bow showing a small pressure wave.


And finally, a first shot of the inside bridge station.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 6, 2011)

One Response to “FPB 64 Iron Lady – Second Day of Trials”

  1. Carlos V Sucre Says:

    my old runaboat had more wake at displacement speed than Iron Lady !!!