FPB 64s Six Through Nine – Steady Progress Toward Launching

FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 102

With all the excitement about the start of construction on the first FPB 97, it is easy to forget about the four FPB 64s currently in various stages of construction. We’ll start with FPB 64-6 and then move on to the other boats. Shown above is the fresh water pressure pump setup: twin pumps, so when one quits (probably mid-shower) it is easy to bring the pressure back online.

FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 103

Roving bilge pump hose.

FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 105

Still in the basement, heater coil above left and fridge/freezer compressors below.

FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 107

Meanwhile, the mast is being readied for its electronic components.

FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 100

And the furniture is installed and  protected.

FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 109

Seat base in the great room. Note seat belt sections attached to reinforcing plate at outboard side of furniture frame.

Moving on now to FPB 64-7.

FPB64 7 Sept 8 2012 101

The concentration for FPB 64-7 is on wiring and systems.

FPB64 7 Sept 8 2012 102

Fuel and heater manifolds in the basement.

FPB64 7 Sept 8 2012 103

Air con cooling pump connections to fresh water tank.

FPB64 7 Sept 8 2012 104

Damage control pump pickup (middle) and isolated hydraulics hoses.

FPB64 7 Sept 8 2012 105

Finally, initial runs of fuel lines, domestic fresh water, and damage control suction pipe.

FPB64 8 Sept 8 2012 100

FPB 64-8 is coming along quite nicely with the hull welding nearing completion.

FPB64 9 Sept 8 2012 100

Finally, FPB 64-9, with its skeleton complete, and first hull plates affixed.

FPB64 9 Sept 8 2012 101

The by now familiar stem detail, with its massive stem bar, breast hooks, and Sampson post.

FPB64 9 Sept 8 2012 102

A somewhat distorted (wide angle) view of the forepeak framing.

FPB64 9 Sept 8 2012 103

Framing in the middle of the boat.

OK, enough boat building details. Back to the drawing board.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (September 12, 2012)

5 Responses to “FPB 64s Six Through Nine – Steady Progress Toward Launching”

  1. Jacques Laframboise Says:

    Hi Steve and Linda,
    do the water pumps come with the Square D industrial separate pressure switches you installed on Wind Horse? Can’t really tell from the picture.We ordered a pair of the switches for my own Bahamas based power boat. We just got tired of water pumps failures. Thanks for the tip,and the greatest boating website there is!
    Jacques L.

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    There are two pumps, but no mechanic pressure switches at this time. However, should the become necessary they are easy to add.

  3. Don Joyce Says:

    Thought you were unhappy with this type water pressure pump and switched brands on Wind Horse.

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    We have used the ShurFlow pumps on Wind Horse and they have given us acceptable service. However, they do not have as much capacity as the Head Hunter pumps. Head Hunter have had their problems in years past, but so far they seem to be working well.

  5. Mike Chaseling Says:

    I’m excited! Thanks for the update Steve