FPB 70 Construction Update: A “Stan”dard Sense of Scale


This just in from Circa Marine in Whangarei–Stan Creighton, who with wife Valerie has laid claim to FPB 70-1, is down in New Zealand for various projects and to check on build progress.

Following are a series of images, with Stan modeling to give us a sense of scale. Above, proud papa standing alongside the forepeak. FPB 70-1 is between FPB 78-2 and 78-3.


With framing complete and hull plating coming along, you start to get an image of how the FPB 70 will shape up…




Posted by admin  (February 14, 2017)

One Response to “FPB 70 Construction Update: A “Stan”dard Sense of Scale”

  1. Shaz Says:

    That is beautiful. I love seeing the bones before the hull plating goes on. It shows what she is made of. It’s nice having Stan in the photos too. It helps with the sense of scale. From the ground to the deck it’s 2 1/2 standing Stans. Oh, that could be the standing Stan standard of measurement. 🙂 Very nice! I gotta say congrats to Stan & Valerie. You are very lucky indeed.