FPB 70: New Build Updates


Berthon now has a fortnightly update on their website for all things FPB construction…

Be sure to check out all the details and photos here.

We will be posting a link every two weeks as more construction updates go live…

Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (May 16, 2017)

8 Responses to “FPB 70: New Build Updates”

  1. Gene Says:

    This would be awesome…if the pictures were not tiny to the point of being almost useless…come on Berthon spring for a little bandwidth and stop teasing us already =)

  2. Sarah Dashew Says:

    Hi Gene,
    Berthon’s site is set up as columns, which restricts the width of their photos. However, their admin has made the photos clickable to enlarge to 1000px. Hope this helps.

  3. Gene Says:

    Thank you Sarah I appreciate your taking the time =)

    On a semi-related note. I came across the video of a young guy at Berthon building the FPB half hull wall plaque. I am interested in building a 1/2th scale display replica of FPB 70 and I was wondering if there is any way you could put me in touch with him. Perhaps pass along my email address? I also think it would be really interesting, (and possibly helpful to potential customers)to 3D model all the FPB’s and have them all lined up in a series of renders as a solid graphical representation of the practical size differences between the different models.

  4. Gene Says:

    That should have read 1/12th scale obviously =)

    And for the FPB “Group Shot” renders I was actually offering to do them. It will show my age a bit but I was picturing a good sized “wall poster” with a top view of all the FPB models lined up and some interesting information about them dotted around the image. Think framed poster for an office wall.

  5. Walt N Says:

    Disappointing. As with most of the content on their site it is obsolete and lacking. I do feel your parents deserve a decent retirement that doesn’t include the constant demands on their time as answering the same ol’ suck up emails. Enjoy the summer with Cochise and family. Drop us FPB fans a post when y’all can. Thanks for the ride along.

  6. PJ Says:

    If at all possible… I would much appreciate seeing more interior pics: stateroom, mechanical room, guest accommodations, forepeak etc.

  7. Tim Says:

    Jarrett Bay webcam good to see Cochise afloat again.
    Looking forward to Greenland later this summer.

  8. Steve Says:

    Hi Steve. Hey I just noticed one of the older posts in this series on Palmerston Interlude shows the Island of Aitutaki not Palmerston. Might explain why one commenter couldn’t understand why you couldn’t find a protected anchorage!