FPB 78-1 Has Sole

Interior 716

With the annual holiday shutdown at Circa comes a massive cleanup of the work in progress…

And a chance to see what things look like with less clutter. With the great room sole in place, this is the first time we’ve gotten a hint of what’s to come. 

Ali Fab 428

In the ends of the boat, our soles are also now in situ. These aluminum extrusions are light, impervious to the elements, and will look cool. Add indoor/outdoor carpet and we have a quiet, functional, and long lasting sole.

Ali Fab 439

Looking below the forepeak sole into the thruster bay. There is storage below this level, at this level, and above it within the annex proper. The shield surrounding the thruster motor is designed to act as a chimney, drawing heat away with convective airflow.

Electrical 168

One of the two 250 amp/28 volt alternators. Those six heavy cables run to a pair of remote rectifier assemblies.

Electrical 172

Wiring in the engine room is now almost complete.

Electrical 166

A preassembled switching gang assembly. There are a lot of high powered DC circuits aboard.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 18, 2015)

11 Responses to “FPB 78-1 Has Sole”

  1. David Guest Says:

    FPB 78-1 has soul

    Merry Christmas and a most Happy, Seaworthy New Year…

  2. John Thomson Says:

    Thank you for sharing. A project of this size has so many little things that someone has mulled over, hands and tools have worked and then out of the chaos emerges the product. It is very interesting to see the details.

    Will there be a protective cover on the Alternator terminals?

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Yes, John:
    The belt guard does cover the exposed terminals on the alternators.

  4. Steve Cowart Says:

    Hi Steve,

    What type of wood is that on the sole of the great room? It looks great. Also what type of washing machine did you end up choosing?

    Its a real shame you couldn’t have kept the wiring a little neater in the engine room!

    All kidding aside, Thanks for the update. I REALLY look forward to seeing the progress. You must be very exited to get her floating.

    Happy Holidays,

  5. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hate to admit this but that good looking wood is a commercial grade flooring made by Karndean. Washer/drier same as before, Asko.


    could you please explain the choice of an ELECTRIC bow thruster? Thank you

  7. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hello Anthimos:
    Electric is lighter, and quieter, plus gives better low speed control. It also brings the wiring forward for use with the windass and bow kedge winch.

  8. Scott Evangelista Says:


    Merry Christmas!! great pictures for sure. you must be very excited to get back out on the water and to enjoy the fruits of your labor of love. I had one question given the pictures. Won’t the heat from the alternator have a negative effect on the cables laying in contact with it? If you are interested check out Flame Control coatings. Essentially paint to resist and reflect heat.

    best of luck


  9. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Scott:
    The alternator bodies run cool, typically around ambient + maybe 20F, Diodes are remotely mounted, and wire is sized for the hot environment.

  10. Fred Sorensen Says:

    Do you you plan on using any protective sprays on the electrical connections and other dissimilar metal contact points ? We have found this to be very useful on aircraft. I do note that you have used a lot of non-conductive (plastic) hardware.

  11. Steve Dashew Says: