FPB 78-1 Sea Trials: Dinghy Launch – posted by Sarah


I’ve arrived in wintery Whangarei to take part in sea trials with Cochise.  With guests on hand and a beautiful, cool day, we headed out in the bay to drop anchor and test the dinghy launch system. 

The following video gives you an idea as to how easily the new system works. Start to finish took 78 seconds, and there are still a couple kinks to work out.

Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (June 30, 2016)

6 Responses to “FPB 78-1 Sea Trials: Dinghy Launch – posted by Sarah”

  1. Bryan Sandridge Says:

    Love the videos, love the boat/boats, love the website. But you guys are killing us making us wait for the finished interior shots.. I think you just love tormenting us 🙂

  2. sarah dashew Says:

    Ha! Interior shots will come. Trials are keeping things open and moved around right now. Soon enough…

  3. Dion Says:

    A pair of upright posts for the RIB to swing against and locate itself parallel to the cradle when it swings inboard would help during retrieval. These posts could form part of the support for the sunroof and solar panels above. So in practice; lift the RIB clear of the rail, allow to swing inboard against the posts, keep the hoist point slightly “inboard” so everything is secure, lower the RIB down the posts into its cradle.
    This is a trick I first heard of done by Greenpeace for operating RIBs at sea off large vessels. I can confirm that they make retrieval so much easier even in flat calm and are absolutely essential when there is a swell. Otherwise you have a bit of a wrecking ball above your deck!

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Dion:
    There is a diagonal brace on the aft roof support column that does exactly what you are suggesting.

  5. Scott Evangelista Says:


    Sure would be nice if those davits could be lifted, twisted, and dropped to reduce the lift required when not using the davits

    She looks amazing!!

  6. Steve Dashew Says:

    The davits are for testing. Both are being shortened.