FPB 78 Cochise: Panama by Morning


Buenas tardes del yate Cochise. Isla de Coiba is in sight, we’re starting to see shipping, just 236 NM to Flamenco Marina. ETA 0900 mañana. Sea is calm, breeze light from astern. Starting to see new types of sea birds. About to set ensign and Panamanian courtesy flag. Pressure is on with catching the 10,000th NM on odometer. We do not know if there are five digits. If not, we need to get the 9,999 on film, or we have to start the entire process over again.

Adios para ahora.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 10, 2016)

One Response to “FPB 78 Cochise: Panama by Morning”

  1. Gene Says:

    What an awesome picture!