FPB 78 – Strutting Our Stuff


Today was fun. Surrounded with coils of rope, boxes of rigging hardware, just like when we used to set up our sailing designs.

Although FPBs are obviously not sailboats, they still have winches, rope clutches, and various types of string between. We are working with Thomas setting up the boom control system.


Some time ago we showed you the wonderful hardware Circa had made up for the boom control struts.

The booms are 23 feet/6.5 meters long, 6”/150mm diameter schedule 40 pipe. And this double traveler car set up with 4 -1 control tackle runs the booms in and out easily.

Lots more to follow tomorrow.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (April 16, 2016)

One Response to “FPB 78 – Strutting Our Stuff”

  1. Rene QB Says:

    Stainless steel hardware crafted with such care and attention to detail is truly beautiful, even more so when it finally reaches the place it was designed for.

    I must thank you for the opportunity you give us to follow the progress of your current projects, every glimpse we get is very inspiring.