FPB 78 Update – We’ve Got Sole, Baby

 IMG 3660

It’s Friday, March Madness is upon us, and it is obvious that the FPB 78-1 has sole, and lots of it. This first photo is from the aft end of the galley looking forward.

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor19

We’ve walked forward to the forward end of the galley, about where the breakfast counter extends.

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor18

The Arizona Wildcats (color red) won their Sweet Sixteen round of the mens basketball tournament last night, and since a reference to help interpret the camera lens distortion magically appeared, we offer this view from where the middle of the table will live.

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor36

And now without our model, from about even with the forward edge of the settee.

IMG 3650

Turning around now and looking from the inside helm aft.

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor7

You are several steps further aft here.

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor9

And at the forward end of  the galley looking aft.

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor5

The view you will have when snuggled up in the corner of the settee (and why we need that 65” 4K TV).

FPB 78 1 reat Room dance floor32

Finally, sitting in your comfortable favorite _________ (fill in the blank) with a good book, soft music, and a wonderful view outside.

Did we mention to bring your dancing shoes?

Posted by Steve Dashew  (March 27, 2015)

11 Responses to “FPB 78 Update – We’ve Got Sole, Baby”

  1. Daivd Guest Says:

    looks like a ballroom!!!!

  2. CJ LaCour Says:

    Amazing! Too bad we can’t see similar pics of the 97. Equally amazing has been the Internet coverage of the Volvo Ocean race, currently in the Southern Ocean. Hopefully you’ve had some opportunity to watch.

  3. Carl E Says:

    Hi Steve: I would say cavernous, but then there are those windows… 🙂 Just curious: 1. The FPB78 introductory post shows two different interior styles: light wood with blue seat coverings, and a lighter style with transparent table top. Which one is closer to where you two have landed? 2. Are you already considering electronics choices? I don’t know whether you’ve seen this, but a new Nordhavn owner has recently been wrestling with Simrad (including broadband radar) and NMEA2000. Not entirely happy reading:

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Carl:
    Thanks for the Simrad headsup. We will do some checking. FPB 78-1 has painted furniture, with a glass table.Very modern.

  5. Carl E Says:

    Hi Steve: It looks like the orientation of the stairs has been reversed? Has the floor plan of the great room been changed?

  6. Shannon Says:

    Wow. That really gives some perspective there. That is lots of space. It’s looking good. I bet you two are excited about hitting the water in the 78.

  7. Steve B Says:

    …is hard-pressed to think of anywhere he’d rather be.

  8. Jono Frankfort Says:

    Steve, Are all of those uniform cut outs below the window line serving a purpose other than weight control?
    The sole as shown looks like you could sail with it as is. Circa certainly proves time and again their level of craftsmanship is worth traveling half way around the world for. Curious as to what you plan on covering that beautiful dance floor with?
    Stay well, stay safe.
    All the best,

  9. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Jono:

    Access openings in top of coamings are for systems runs access. Dance floor covering is still under discussion.

  10. Rene A Says:

    Wow, that room looks huge. What are the dimensions?

  11. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Rene:
    The sole of great room measures 7.7m/25.2 feet in length by 4.7m/15.5 feet in width. The outline of the headliner is larger due to the outward sloping windows.