FPB 97 Interior – Thursday Is The Day


The interior decks of the FPB 97 offer many opportunities and a few challenges. There is an enormous amount of volume, which is wonderful to have at anchor, and we want to preserve the sense of openness that comes with that space. But this is a seagoing vessel. There are certain requirements that relate thereto: handholds, furniture that secures one’s body, working areas that are functional in less-than-benign conditions. It is the latter which allows you to enjoyably voyage to those wonderful cruising destinations.


What we’ll show you starting this Thursday, February 23rd, is the result of many long hours at the computer, much dialogue, innumerable tweaks and refinements, along with the input of current owners, the FPB team, and a number of professional captains. We’re excited about the outcome. We think you will be too. See you Thursday.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 21, 2012)

19 Responses to “FPB 97 Interior – Thursday Is The Day”

  1. Matt L Says:


  2. Steve C. Says:

    Thursday Feb 23rd, 11:13 CST….. Fourth time I’ve checked the website today. If Steve ever gets tired of this he could have a great career in the Tabloid industry. He really knows how to suck you in. I feel like a kid waiting on the Sears Christmas Catalog.

  3. scotto Says:

    feel like a kid waiting to unwrap Xmas pressies……

  4. Paul Says:

    Okay it’s Thursday…
    I’ve been patient.
    I don’t see the interior.
    So I second the tease comment;

  5. JLF Says:

    The FPB 115 seamed like an acedemic exercise for you. Is the Wicked something you are making for yourselves?

  6. Steve Dashew Says:

    We design all boats as if we were going to own them, and as much as we love the Wicked FPB 97, we still love Wind Horse.

  7. Sigmund Krøvel-Velle Says:

    Now it’s Thursday evening in Norway, 1908 hours Norwegian time, and nothing has appeared yet. So we are still weaiting, and the expectations are really building up, This is like children on Christmas Eve!

  8. Gene LeBeau Says:

    What time Thursday????

  9. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Gene:
    We’ll have images posted by 1900 Eastern Standard Time. The renders take hours and hours to create, even with eight processors working in parallel on the same rendering.

  10. Ward Says:

    Maybe you should use UTC, although 1900 EST is cutting it close… Still, 2300 UTC _is_ still Thursday. I wonder if your webhost can keep up with the load that’s going to hit it at that time.

  11. Steve Dashew Says:

    Good idea – will start with Z time from now on.

  12. Conrad Says:

    This waiting is um…Wicked!

  13. Steve Dashew Says:

    Live in two minutes

  14. Evan Thompson Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Do you guys render directly in Rhino, or do you use a third party package like KeyShot?

  15. Steve Dashew Says:

    We’ve been using Bob McNeel’s nX2 (Flamingo Beta)

  16. James Buchanan Says:

    People from all round the world log onto this website. I’m in Australia.
    Could I suggest you use UTC as a common well understood time.
    Love the new concept.

  17. Steve Dashew Says:

    Switching over from now on.

  18. Alain M Says:

    Friday 8 o’clock morning, nothing to see!!! 😉
    Across the world Little Kids are waiting to wipe away the paper that is hiding the Xmas gift…
    Steve makes the calendar looking strange…
    As I know how processing can be long, I think Steve is like the father waiting to look as his new born kid, not really far away from kid and Xmas gift…
    Kids we were, we are and for ever we should and we will be!!! 😉
    Regards Alain

  19. Steve Dashew Says:

    Live in one minute