FPB 97 Performance Prediction Contest: And The Winner Is…


With the publishing of the first batch of performance data from FPB 97-1 it is time to declare a winner in the prediction contest.

The contest posed the questions as follows:

Initial trials will be done in light trim, with 10 metric tons of fuel and water aboard. They will be in deep water (salt), and in smooth conditions.

  • What do you predict for max continuous cruise speed, defined as 80% of available power?
  • Next, what is your prognosis for wide open throttle?
  • Finally, what do you project the engine load %, fuel burn, and RPM, to be at 11.5 knots?

And the answers:

  • Cruise at 80% of available power in light trim – 13.8 knots
  • Wide open throttle – 14.55/14.7 knots (no perfect testing conditions)
  • Engine load at 11.5 knots is 29.5%, 1830 RPM

And the winner is …Antonio Carvalho. Antonio estimated 13.5 knots at 80%, 14.9 knots at full throttle, and 1600 RPM on the 11.5% cruise speed at 33% loading. We are hoping to get some good underway photos in the next few weeks, after which we will see about sending along the winner’s prize.

Thanks to all who wrote in, and for the continued interest as we learn more about the Wicked FPB’s capabilities.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (April 28, 2015)

2 Responses to “FPB 97 Performance Prediction Contest: And The Winner Is…”

  1. Chris L. Says:

    Definitely underestimated the rather remarkable performance. Congrats! One of the numbers you were looking for was the fuel burn @ 11.5kts. Can you share that figure? Thanks.

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Howdy Chris:
    During trials on the FPB 97 fuel burn at 11.5 knots was roughly 31 liters/8.2 US gallons per hour.