The galleys on our previous designs have worked extremely well, providing excellent storage, good counter space, and ease of use at sea. This galley goes a step beyond.

It has significantly more easily accessed storage than any boat we’ve done in the past, more counter space, a large fridge/freezer unit, while maintaining 360-degree views completely around the boat for whomever is doing the cooking or cleanup chores. As expected, this layout has worked well during our first 16,000 miles of shakedown cruising, where the crew did not miss a single meal (and their waistlines showed it!).

The fridge and freezer are a critical part of our cruising – we like to stock up on special goodies. We’re still using DC compressors, powered off the batteries. In the galley we have an 11+ cubic-foot (30 liter) fridge with two front opening doors. The freezer is top opening (with six storage baskets below) with roughly 6 cubic feet (17 liters) of storage. In this regard we have a little more usable space than Beowulf. In the “basement” is a third box, again 6 cubic feet (17 liters). This can be used as either fridge or freezer, giving us a total volume for the three boxes of over 24 cubic feet 65 liters).

The photo above shows the basement freezer. Note the clear partial “door” on which Linda’s hand is resting. This helps keep the stacked food from tumbling out and reduces the loss of cold air when the insulated door is opened.

Turning now to the galley lockers, there are two levels of everyday storage. On top of the counters are our “bin” lockers. These lockers have lids which rotate open, exposing the contents with total access (they are much easier to use than traditional locker doors). There are more than 18 lineal feet (5.5m) of these lockers which vary in width from 14+ inches (350mm) on the aft and outboard sides to 10″ (250mm) on the forward side. For dishes, basic food supplies, spices, even cooking gear, that’s a huge amount of space.

And we’re just getting started. On each side of the stove we have a stack of four drawers. The top drawer is roughly 4 inches (100mm) high, 2 feet deep (600mm), and 2 feet (600mm) wide. The next three drawers are 8 inches (200mm) high. And there are two stacks of these drawers, plus a ninth even taller drawer, also 2 feet (600mm) long, under the stove for big pots.

Having this storage space in drawer form, as opposed to shelving, makes it much easier to access the contents, back as well as front.

We have a very large kitchen in our house in Arizona, and this seagoing galley actually has comparable storage.

The galley works as well at sea as it does in port, which is why the two of us are on a strict diet.

It has proven particularly efficient for creating pies (mixed berry above, apple below).

Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 18, 2011)

2 Responses to “Galley”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Regarding the size of fridge/freezer. 6 cubic feet = 170 Liter. 17 Liter would be quite small. And the total of 24 cubic feet = 680 Liter is very impressive.
    Best regards from Germany

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    The galley has a fridge of twelve cubic feet, a freezer of seven, and there is another seven cubic foot box for freezer or fridge use in the basement. Total of twenty six cubic feet.