Ian Tibby – He Was Simply The Best

FPB 78 1 Critical Phase Visit Last Day 4

Ian Tibby has passed on, released from a body that was failing him. But his presence will always be felt by those that depend on his engine rooms, as well as the family he left behind at Circa.


Ian’s technical skills were superb, he was thorough, the best at laying out an engine room. Throughout his 28 years at Circa, he was the one everyone, professional and layman alike, turned to for advice when difficult questions arose.

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If you were an owner looking for suggestions on the best inventory of spare parts, Ian was your man.

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If you knew Ian well enough to get below his taciturn exterior, he was warm, even loving. He had little use for those who tried to BS their way through technical issues, but was quick to work with those who sought his help. Ian didn’t say a lot, he wasn’t one to waste time in idle chatter. If you asked him a question there was always a pause while he considered the best answer.

He was, and continues to be, an inspiration for thoroughness and thoughtfulness.

We feel privileged to have known and worked with Ian Tibby.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 7, 2016)

5 Responses to “Ian Tibby – He Was Simply The Best”

  1. James Masters Says:

    To the degree a blog-reader is allowed to care about someone at Circa, please pass this on to his survivors — Thank you, Ian, for the difference you made with the FPBs being what they are today … and, for the example you set, what they’ll be in the tomorrows to come ….

  2. Mark Says:

    I didn’t know Ian, but I sure know the type.
    In this day and age of social media, tweets, “markets” and other ephemeral pursuits; it is reassuring to experience lasting physical manifestations of integrity, thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Humanity at it’s best; art spoken through craft.
    We are all honored to learn in the presence of these true professionals, I’m sure he will be missed and remembered.

  3. Carlos V. Sucre Says:

    My condolences to family and Circa team. Mr Tibby will go into naval history for being part of the FPB project

  4. Mike & Liza Dicks Says:

    So very sad to read this about Ian. We worked with him for several months on Grey Wolf and he was the most lovely man to deal with and his knowledge and experience and the help and advice he gave us were amazing. He was just a part of the wonderful Circa team but will be sorely missed I’m sure

  5. Peter Rossin Says:

    Spent lots of time on Iron Lady with Ian and Thomas – learning the systems and maintenance procedures. Very sad indeed that he is no longer with us. He will be sorely missed.