J Boats – An Awesome Sight To See

It is blowing a steady 20, gusting higher. There is a sea state commensurate with the breeze, and the boats within the Newport anchorage are tugging at their moorings. The yachts offshore, following the J class racers, are plunging through the waves trying to keep up on the wind. And on the race committee boat…

…pity the crew, for they are really taking it on the chin.


Downwind things are easier, if less dramatic. Watching these six magnificent yachts being handled like racing dinghies is a treat.


We have eight guests aboard. Everyone sits in the Matrix deck–that’s 12 of us total. The view is excellent and we photograph over the smaller boats, leaving the foreground clear.


The day is overcast tending towards fog, with a little sun early on. The darker it gets, the more interesting the visuals.

A9 2357 Edit

The Js tack on the wind shifts, carry asymmetric kites downwind.


This is serious stuff.

A9 2795

Most of them seem to have a couple of guests aboard, either at the stern or in a cockpit area.

A9 2687

“Okay, everybody aft to keep the bow up during the run!”

A9 2617

Things look to get interesting at the bridge.

A9 2620

But this British ship figures there is room for everybody under the center span.

A9 2727

Does watching yacht racing get any better than this?


And finally, perspective.


The fastest boat today, and certainly the one having the most fun, might just be this 49er!

Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 24, 2017)

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  1. David Magda Says:

    Yachting World had a video on the J-Class “Endeavor” a little while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgCMsSqfR1A