Messing About In Boats


We’ve been doing a local mini-cruise, occasioned by Spring break for our Granddaughter Emma and her friend from college Julia Stevens. It brought back just how much fun it is messing about in boats.


Cochise has been anchored in Key Biscayne. Not what you would call an exotic location.

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Yet there is plenty of nature mixed in with the high-rise condos.


Between waterskiing, dinghy driving lessons, and general chilling, we’ve been flying through the project list.


The forepeak and workshop are properly organized for the first time, and the tools are semi-neat. We’ve modified the dinghy handling system for the umpteenth time and are pretty sure this is the final iteration.

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Of course a close eye is being kept on the Arizona Wildcats and their progress into March Madness.


The Arizona battle flag flies on game day and all aboard are appropriately attired.


The galley has been humming and a culinary invention of major merit has been accomplished. Details to follow when next a camera is present at the appropriate time .


The moon is nearly full, and the night scene at anchor is lovely.


There are also afternoon thunderstorms to keep us on our toes.


March Madness starts in earnest this week.


During the week we share the anchorage with a variety of cruisers. Weekends is more power oriented.


The nearby waterways have dockage on one side.


And wildlife on the other.

We will be watching the Arizona Wildcats the next few weeks. And in between games we will continue to mess around aboard Cochise and reacquaint ourselves with the cruising lifestyle.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (March 15, 2017)

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