SetSail Undergoing A Bit of Surgery

Howdy SetSailors,

SetSail is in the midst of re-vamping and switching servers, so as to speed up performance and generally anchor firmly in the harbor of modern-day internet technology. While this is happening, there is a delay on new content. The transition should be complete next week, with faster load times and lots of new posts.

Posted by admin  (December 1, 2017)

3 Responses to “SetSail Undergoing A Bit of Surgery”

  1. Ward Says:

    Hopefully the “loads of new posts” will include some updates on the FPB 70s’ construction. Back in May, Berthon promised (and I think it was echoed here) “We will therefore be issuing fortnightly updates on progress.” Instead, there’ve been only 2 updates, one in June, on in August, leaving us all with our teeth ground down from too much gnashing!

  2. sarah dashew Says:

    Sorry Ward, we are working on it!! Hoping to get you your 70 fix soon..
    Cheers, Sarah

  3. scotto Says:

    withdrawal symptoms starting to show…needing a setsail update