The Cruising Mindset

Dashew Offshore 8689

We are beginning to get into the cruising mindset, at least as far as this concept applies to the two of us. This typically means sitting more and moving less. But Cochise makes this hard.

We enjoy being at sea and working the boat as a team. We are generally as comfortable at sea as at anchor, and with the exception of on-passage sleep challenges, the thrills of feeling the boat move, seeing a horizon clear around us, and experiencing the clean air and brilliant night skies are a powerful lure. Still, there are benefits to being in port as well. Catching up with old friends, making new, learning about new areas, all have their appeal. An example of this is above. Cochise is moored in front of Laurane and Bill Parlatore’s home off Whitehall Creek on the Chesapeake Bay.

We have been here ten days, catching up with the Parlatores (founders of Passagemaker magazine), seeing old friends, and meeting new folks. This is the longest we have been in one location since St. Kathryn’s docks in London in 2009.

Dashew Offshore 1472

This is a great spot for photographers.

Dashew Offshore

Wildlife abounds.

Dashew Offshore 1537

There are eagles…

Dashew Offshore 3775

…osprey, and…

Dashew Offshore 1811

…numerous herons.

Dashew Offshore 8861

The sunrises and sunsets do not compare with what we experience offshore. Still, they are not bad. We are going to hang out in the area for a few more weeks. These are lots of chores to get checked off, new folks to meet, and we have several articles to finish up.

We will report on various technical issues when we write next week.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 22, 2017)

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  1. scotto Says:

    still enjoying your wonderful photos…
    keep them coming please.
    enjoy yourselves, you’ve earned it.