The Wicked One Revealed – The FPB 97 Shows Her Stuff


A fresh breeze, smooth 12.5 to 13 knots, perfect light, and world class photographer Ivor Wilkins. Not much more you could ask for.


A huge effort by the owner and his team, Circa, and Dashew Offshore: and the payoff is right here, slicing through the seas like a knife through butter, two 300 HP diesels purring.


Designing, coordinating, and building yachts is a difficult business. It takes dedication, long hours, attention to detail, often with a dose of frustration mixed in. Most of the folks involved do it because they have no choice, it’s in their blood.

ICEBERG AIR 221 Edit 2

Now a word about the photographer. Ivor Wilkins has been shooting our yachts for the past 20 years. He is the consummate technician, artist, and a wonderful human being. If you are in New Zealand and want the best on this planet, give Ivor a call.

ICEBERG AIR 259 Edit 2

We’ll close with our favorite for the day. Where do you want to go?

Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 11, 2015)

16 Responses to “The Wicked One Revealed – The FPB 97 Shows Her Stuff”

  1. Bryan Sandridge Says:

    I agree great pictures and a awsome yacht. Are there any high res pictures available would love to use them as a computer desktop?

  2. Chris L. Says:

    DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ! If you could make some of these great shots available in high resolution for Desktop and Screen Savers, we’d appreciate.

  3. SARAH-SARAH Says:

    Thanks for everything, it’s been a great ride. Love following each supreme accomplishment.
    Sue and I are heading to Prince William Sound tomorrow. Hurry up and relax coming back. It’s not the South Pacific, but it is our back yard. And besides some one has to do it!

    Best to you and Linda, Todd, Brian, Bruce and the whole Circa Crew.

    Bill and Sue Henry.

  4. Bob N Says:

    I want to go to Circa and order a boat. Second to that… Well, give me a minute…

  5. Matt Mills Says:

    Frustrating that everything about this boat seems so secret.

  6. RobS Says:

    Care to link a single manufacturer that provides even a tenth the updates, technical info, real world performance info, build updates and general coverage as Steve does on his? Secretive? I Know of no one else in the industry who is less secretive and more ebullient with information than Steve.

  7. Matt Mills Says:

    I don’t care to list other builders here but we all know there is tons of information on other boats, including other Dashew designs, available online to enthusiasts. Though other FPB owners have been generous with information about their yachts, it’s clear that the owner of Iceberg would prefer to limit the information about theirs online. That’s their prerogative; few people want tours of the insides of their homes available to anyone who wants to peek. It is, nevertheless, disapointing to those of us who appriciate these unique boats that we aren’t privy to much detail on this, the only FPB 97 to hit the waves so far. It is nice to see the photos of Iceberg in the more recent post and I hope and suspect that details about the three 78s now being built will be more accessible as they are completed.

  8. Skip N. Says:

    Steve and associates,
    What are the final thoughts / experiences with the ‘lifeboat’ launch system and the dink? What do the owner crew think?
    Just curious.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Steve Dashew Says:

    Howdy Skip:
    The FPB 97 dinghy launching system works very well – much better than we had imagined – and the kudos should go to the owner whose idea this was.

  10. Scotto Says:


  11. Brian S Says:

    I would love to see some interior pictures now that she’s complete. We were privileged to see all the options in cad drawings, but seeing the final project gives a better sense of size and style.

  12. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Brian:
    We will be showing a series of details of the FPB 97-1 in a post next week. But the interior will have to remain private.

  13. Brian S Says:

    Looking forward to any details you provide. It is certainly the owners prerogative to keep the interior private … the better to fuel our collective imagination!

  14. Shannon Says:

    Wow, that thing looks good & it has performance to match. You are rapidly closing in on the perfect design. I first saw Deerfoot in one of the boating magazine back when I was in HS.
    Living in the desert, after my father sold our little Catalina 27 I totally lost track of anything boat related. I still loved sailing but I didn’t keep up with new designs or anything for many years. I never forgot that Deerfoot though. That’s how I found this site. I went to look up the dream boat from my youth & it led to here. I was amazed to see you still designing better & better boats. You have a truly impressive body of work behind you & you are still going strong.
    My partner & I both dream of jumping on a FPB & exploring the world & I very much hope, one day I will say “build mine”
    Again, Congrats to you & everyone involved there at FPB. You all are building truly astonishing machines.

  15. Steve Dashew Says:

    Thanks Shannon:
    If you are interested, Deerfoot ll is available.

  16. Cliff R. Says:

    This boat is the best looking FPB yet. Her proportions are just right–the aft stretch was both a practical and an aesthetic improvement on the original rendering. Way to go Circa and Dashew Offshore!