Ultimate Thermostat Solution


We’ve been using a digital programmable thermostat to control our diesel boiler. This allows us to program four different set of time and temperature during the day. Our sleeping cabin is kept cold during the day, turns the heat on an hour before bed time, and goes to low heat (but still on) until morning, when we are programmed to warm up just a bit.

The salon is just the opposite. At night it is set to very cool, comes on during early morning hours, and turns down during the afternoon.

The problem with the salon is that if we are underway we want more heat at night. So, we have to reprogram the T-stat, and then put it back to where it was once our passage is over.

Now we have a better solution. The smaller analog thermostat below the digital model is wired in parallel. If the analog unit is turned off, as shown here, the digital T-stat controls. If we want more heat the analog unit is turned up and takes over.

Close observers will note exposed wiring. We have not yet drilled an extra hole in our lovely timber. We want to use this for a few weeks and make sure we like the concept.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 8, 2009)

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  1. Steven Dubnoff Says:

    Maybe just a simpler programmable thermostat will do the trick:


    This one has a simple “hold” button and no seven day programming, which seems ideal for a boat.