A Visit From The Man


A systemic problem in the marine industry is that the professionals–everyone from managers, to yacht designers, electricians, and carpenters–rarely get to see how their projects work out in the real world. Bruce Farrand, the managing director at Circa, is visiting Cochise, experiencing what she has to offer, working with us to fine-tune an already highly evolved species, and improve further upon the next generation.

We are reef crawling here, looking for a spot to anchor for an aerial photograph session. Bruce is nearest the camera, Steve Parsons is to port.


Part of this learning expedition for Bruce is to immerse himself in the cruising lifestyle. Included is the galley operation, and such mundane activities as lunch on watch.


Using sight lines, nav gear operation, are a part of the educational tour too.


The view from the Matrix deck, whether or not there are obstructions, how clear the windows are, are small but very important details to witness firsthand.


Part of Bruce’s job is to assist his team at Circa in making the correct decisions on the thousands of details that go into an FPB. A visit like this will greatly help him in this endeavor.

DSC8893 Edit

Experiencing how a design works in various lighting conditions…


is another part of the learning curve.


Something as trivial-seeming as the correct winch height is actually quite important. But you only know the correct position by using it.


Bruce has been through the launch and retrieve cycle on both our dinghies now where it counts. He has also gotten a chance to enjoy the fruits of his labor. There is nothing like an early morning row.

63 3209

The sun has set on the FPB 78 design cycle. The last details have been finalized on 78-2 and 78-3.


The team is now focused on the FPB 70, and that is one cool FPB…

Posted by Steve Dashew  (September 30, 2016)

5 Responses to “A Visit From The Man”

  1. Russ Says:

    Hey steve,

    Great seeing Cochise in the flesh and chat to steve….shame we missed the opportunity to have a look through. Maybe we will cross paths again further up the yassawas (we are heading up that way Tuesday).

    Or are you back in Denarau?


    Russ (orange covered outremer)

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Hi Russ:
    We will be back in Musket Cover area today through the weekend.Cone by if you are around.

  3. Anthony VDM Says:

    HI Steve. She’s a winner, we can all see that! Just awesome. Question – How’s the temperature on the matrix deck? Are the openings enough for you?
    Thank Anthony

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    The Matrix openings are fine as is temperature with sun above roof line. When it is below, some form of shading is required.

  5. James Masters Says:

    “The last details have been finalized on 78-2 and 78-3.” <– that's gotta make Peter and Pete happy — especially after seeing all these Cochise-pics.