FPB 70 – Taking Shape

FPB 70 taking shape300

The first FPB 70 is taking shape now at Circa.

Like the preceding 16 FPBs, the 70 begins life as a series of cut plates.

FPB 70 taking shape302 2

These become sub assemblies, like the watertight bulkhead below.

FPB 70 taking shape300 2

The FPB 70 hull shape is the most efficient we have drawn to date. It is fast, has a very soft uphill ride, and promises the best surfing of any FPB.

FPB 70 taking shape301 2

It is also massively strong, in excess of what would be considered ice class in the impact areas forward.

FPB 70 taking shape305

One of the hull/tank modules shown above.

FPB 70 taking shape304

There are lots of details to come. Stay tuned.

FPB 70 taking shape303

Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 3, 2016)

One Response to “FPB 70 – Taking Shape”

  1. Carl Nostrand Says:

    I love it! Big smile seeing another very special vessel come together. Lots of talent, study, and team work with the Set Sail crew, working so carefully bring about another, evolutionary modern ocean going vessel. Bravo everyone! I’m keep the popcorn hot and buttered, as I gleefully check in on the progress…..
    Kind regards,
    Carl Nostrand
    Homer Alaska